Corry Young | Audio Designer

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Corry Young is our lead sound and music designer. He has finished with a 2:1 for the new course running in Abertay- “Sound and music for video games.” He has also been working with Pocket Sized Hands since we first formed in September. Due to coming from a sound engineering background in college, he has had to adapt and iterate upon designing sounds and composing themes for the game. Having also worked at a placement for Disney Research in Edinburgh he has also created and delivered sounds for a virtual reality experience- which they have been working on with a small team for about 6 months. Music and sound design has always been at the centre attention for Corry within games as he believes it makes the experience for the players- especially within virtual reality. He aims to create a soundscape and mood within the game to leave players in awe after playing, where they are constantly listening to the mistakes others make to get the jump on everyone else and win the match for themselves. To find out more about Corry check out his blog post and have a listen to some of his themes he has composed.